What the hell does Brexit mean?

Brexit means Brexit” according to Theresa May the UK Prime Minister and successor to David Cameron.


What a relief after weeks of heated debates considering whether the UK should vote again on the EU referendum… Be it as it may Britain’s Prime Minister merely put an end to dead-end debates emerging from British citizens’ frustration on the aftermath of the referendum results. Under no circumstances Theresa May shared her thoughts on the negotiations to come with European diplomats. And yet so far none of Britain’s political leaders – be they representing the leftist or conservatives votes – has been able to give insights about the concrete and long-term consequences of leaving EU membership.

The Brexit case is unique, unexpected, unprepared.

Quite ironically, the referendum results have put European leaders and citizens into the same daze. Some people in Britain suddenly woke up figuring out there were big losers of the globalisation game who never really took advantage of the UK’s international exposure, voters able to believe UKIP anti-migration arguments, voters able to believe EU membership was taken for granted. The UK political class paid the highest price of its casualness towards a deeply-rooted negative sentiment about the EU and Britain’s political elite.

If policy makers have no idea what an EU-exited Britain will mean in the (not-so-long-to-come) future why not giving a voice to those who are most likely to be affected by this unprecedented policy shift/chaos/apocalypse/opportunity?
Whether you are a migrant, a British citizen, a Remain voter, a Brexit voter, which meaning do you give to Brexit in your day to day life?

Hence the necessity to interview those willing to speak out loud and make a contribution to clearing the biggest mess in European politics that has not been provoked by warfare nor economic instability. GoodMorningPolitics will publish interviews conducted with British voters (mobility restrictions unfortunately) willing to share their opinion to give us a better idea of what the hell this Brexit affair means to them.

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